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-- xtra Chromium
-- v0.11 (c) 2019 Valentin Schmidt

new object me, string url, object rect, *movieNum, callbackTarget
browserClose object me -- destroys the browser

browserLoadURL object me, string url
browserLoadString object me, string html, string url
browserStartDownload object me, string url, *localPath

browserExecuteJavaScript object me, string code, string url
browserShowDevTools object me

browserSetRect object me, object rect
browserSetVisible object me, integer flag
browserResizeToWindow object me
browserSetAutoResize object me, integer flag

browserReload object me, *ignoreCacheFlag
browserGoBack object me
browserGoForward object me
browserPrint object me
browserPrintToPDF object me, string pdfFile
browserSetZoomLevel object me, float level

browserSendMouseClickEvent object me, integer x, integer y, integer modifiers, integer mouseButtonType, integer mouseUp, integer clickCount
browserSendMouseMoveEvent object me, integer x, integer y, integer modifiers, integer mouseLeave
browserSendMouseWheelEvent object me, integer x, integer y, integer modifiers, integer deltaX, integer deltaY
browserSendKeyEvent object me, integer keyCode, integer modifiers
browserSendTouchEvent object me, float x, float y, integer modifiers, float pressure, float rotationAngle

browserSetHostFilterList object me, object hosts, *isWhiteList

*cefInit *settingsPropList, argsPropList


OnAddressChange (aUrl)
OnBeforeBrowse (aUrl) -> return TRUE to stop request
OnBeforePopup (aUrl) -> return TRUE to stop request
OnConsoleMessage (aLevel, aMsg) -> Return TRUE to stop the message from being output to the console
OnDownloadUpdated (aReceivedBytes, aTotalBytes, aUrl, aPath)
OnFaviconURLChange (aFaviconURL)
OnKeyEvent (event_type, key_code, modifiers) -> Return TRUE to stop windows event bubbling
OnLoadEnd (aHttpStatusCode)
OnLoadError (aErrorCode, aErrorText, aFailedUrl)
OnLoadingProgressChange (aProg)
OnLoadStart (aTranistionType)
OnPreKeyEvent (event_type, key_code, modifiers) -> Return TRUE to prevent that browser receives the event
OnStatusMessage (aMsg)
OnTitleChange (aTitle)


OnBeforeContextMenu () -> Return TRUE to prevent any context menu to be shown
                       -> Return list of strings to show a custom context menu.
                          If the first element in the list is "", the default menu is replaced with the custom menu,
                          otherwise custom menu entries are appended to the default menu.
                          Use "-" to add menu separators.
OnContextMenuCommand (aCommandID) -> Return TRUE to prevent that browser receives the menu command
                                  -> For custom context menus (see above) the aCommandID is 26500 + <position in menu string list>

Some hints

- Supported props for optional cefInit() parameter 'settingsPropList' are:
  String values: "cache_path", "user_data_path", "user_agent", "javascript_flags", "log_file"
  Integer values: "ignore_certificate_errors", "log_severity", "remote_debugging_port", "background_color" (as ARGB)
  The properties have to be specified as strings, not symbols.
- For supported props of optional 'argsPropList' see enclosed "ChromiumCommandLineSwitches.htm"
  (Note: not all switches in this list are supported, many are Chrome specific and don't work in Chromium)
  Both properties and values have to be strings.
  Note: for switches without value, pass an empty string as value in the propList.

- The optional 'movienum' parameter that can be passed to new() determines into which window
  the browser is embedded, and defaults to 1 (=stage window). The number is the position of a window
  in _player.windowList, i.e. movienum = _player.windowList.getPos(myWinRef).
  Passing 0 as movienum creates an independant (or popup) browser in its own window.
  Passing -1 as movienum creates a windowless (or headless) browser. Such windowless browsers
  can e.g. be used for automation tasks like downloading files, exporting webpages to PDF etc.
  You can also remotely debug them by passing a "remote_debugging_port" (e.g. 8080) to cefInit(),
  and then open e.g. http://localhost:8080 in another Chrome/Chromium browser.


Both the available CEF callbacks and calling into Lingo from JS via window.cefQuery(...)
are NOT "thread-safe". Basically, Director doesn't support multi-threading at all, so usually
the only real safe way to implement callbacks in xtras is to use 'idle' events - i.e. you make the
call into Director only when Director announced that it's currently idle.
Since this means that the actual call is postponed, such calls can't return anything.

Chromium xtra instead uses "raw" or direct callbacks, which make the call immediately, and thereby
allows to return data back from Lingo to the xtra (which is e.g. needed for the 'OnBeforeBrowse'
callback, since its return value determines if Chromium continues to load the passed URL or not).

Such direct callbacks are fine as long as you don't mess with Director and its state at all, but e.g.
only use simple Lingo (or other xtra based) processing of the received data. For anything else, you
first *HAVE TO* "detach" from this direct callback. A simple technique for "detaching" is to use
1-ms (single-shot) timeout object. The enclosed demos include an optimized "detacher" lib that only uses
a single overall timeout-object and an internal queue for handling all such "detach" tasks.

Another reason for detaching such callbacks is that any code in their execution thread will fail
silently (i.e. no scripting error alert shown) and therefor also can't be debugged. But code called
after detaching behaves normally and can fully be debugged.

To be continued...