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Cross-platform Director based MediaPlayer that uses AVMedia Xtra on Mac and
DirectShow Xtra (+LAV filters) on Windows.

Still beta, work in progress.


To run MediaPlayer on Mac, unpack ZIP and move folder "MediaPlayer" to your
Applications directory. The second app in the folder,,
is only a helper utility (a 2 line shell script as Automator app) that allows to 
drop media files which are then opened with, it can also be used 
(via Info Dialog->open with..->change for all) to assign MediaPlayer to file types 
(e.g. *.mp4/*.flv/*.mp3/*.mid, ...) which are then opened with MediaPlayer when 
double-clicked in Finder.

To run MediaPlayer on Windows, unpack ZIP and move the folder to some permanent
location before running it for the first time, since the application tries to
register 3 DirectShow filters (LAV filters), which have to remain at a fixed
position to be functional. When you later want to delete or move the folder, you
can "uninstall" (unregister) those filters by running batch file
"filters\uninstall_all.bat" as Adminstrator. Filter registration/unregistration
behavior can also be adjusted or disabled in INI file MediaPlayer.ini.


Media files can be opened in the MediaPlayer by all standard ways:
- via Menu->File->Open File...
- by dropping files from Explorer/Finder into the player window
- via command line, by passing path to file as argument
- by dropping files onto the application icon in Explorer/Finder (on the mac,
you have to drop them on the instead, see above).


The provided ZIP contains the full source code, but it's is just a snapshot, 
latest version of the source code can be found at:

  svn checkout
To "compile" the SVN source code to standalone applications for mac and win,
you need the "lsw" framework:
When lsw is installed, simply run shell scripts "" (mac) 
or "make_standalone_win.bat" (win) inside the "mediaplayer" source code folder, 
which will create a standalone application in folder "mediaplayer_standalone_mac" 
resp. "mediaplayer_standalone_win".