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-- directshow - binary DirectShow Lua extension
-- v0.1 (c) 2016 Valentin Schmidt

A binary version "directshow.dll" (linked to lua51.dll) is included in this ZIP.
The C++ sources will be released soon as well.

There is now real documentation yet, but the demo scripts included in the ZIP 
show most of the available functions and (optional) parameters.

1. Interface

init ()
forget ()

open (table props) -> int HRESULT
play () -> int HRESULT
pause () -> int HRESULT
stop () -> int HRESULT
close ()

graph_start () -> int HRESULT
graph_add_source (string filename, string guid, *bool dialog=false) -> int filterPos|HRESULT
graph_add_dest (string filename, string guid, *bool dialog=false) -> int filterPos|HRESULT
graph_add_filter (string guid, *bool dialog=false) -> int filterPos|HRESULT
graph_add_filter_by_cat (string categoryGuid, int number, *bool dialog=false) -> int filterPos|HRESULT
graph_connect (int filterNumA, int filterNumB) -> int HRESULT
graph_render (int filterNum) -> int HRESULT
graph_finalize (table props) -> bool success
graph_save (string graphfile) -> int HRESULT

step_forward (*int frames=1) -> bool success
step_backwards (*int frames=1) -> bool success

get_param (string param) -> int|float|int,int,int,int result
set_param (table props)
filter_dialog (string guid|int filterNum) -> int HRESULT

get_media_info () -> int duration, int width, int height, float fps
get_status () -> int status
get_used_filters () -> table

register_filter (string filterFile) -> int HRESULT
unregister_filter (string filterFile) -> int HRESULT
get_available_filters (*string categoryGuid) -> table
get_error_info (int HRESULT) -> string name, string description
sleep (int ms)

2.) Demos

Some of the demo scripts only work if filters that allow to play H264/AAC MP4
media are installed. For this purpose the LAV filters are included, and can be 
registered in the system by either running "lavfilters_register.bat" or 

NOTE: BOTH scripts will only work if they are executed with admin privileges 
("Run as Adminstrator")!