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 * Simple Framework v0.3
 * A simple Framework for coding Director apps in JavaScript (or Lingo)
 * without the Director IDE.
 * Copyleft 2012, Valentin Schmidt
 * Date: 2012-03-19
 * Contains some Code from jQuery 1.7.1

The stub projector on start automatically loads all JavaScript (*.js) or Lingo files (*.ls) 
found in folder "scripts" into the castlib.

Put your own code into "demo.js" and/or add arbitrary other script files to the folder.

The framework provides various useful functions (some of which are stolen from JQuery, see All functions can be accessed under the global object "$".

To see a list of all provided functions, enter

  dir($) (+RETURN-BUTTON)

in the "JS console" window.

To open the JS console, put

in your code, and use

to hide it.

When you press the RETURN-Button in the JS console, either the contents of the active line or
the current selection (in case of a multiline selection) is evaluated and the result is shown
in the line below.

For example, if you enter:

  2+2 (+RETURN)

as result you will see the new line:

  // 4


  $.log(x[, y, z,...])
in your code will print the contents of x( and y and ...) to the JS console.


will show a (recursive) listing of all properties of array or object x.

clears the contents of the console window.


All code entered into the JS console is evaluated in the scope of $, so here you can as well
omit "$." and only enter "log(x), "dir(x)" etc.

Of course dir() also works with the core director objects, so you can e.g. use: