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LAV filters with VIDVOX HAP support (v0.1-alpha)

This package contains a custom version of the gorgeous LAV DirectShow filters by
Hendrik Leppkes - all credits go to him!

This version adds support for the HAP codec family by VIDVOX which allows
GPU-accelerated video decoding via texture decompression (S3TC).

For more details on HAP see:

This version of the LAV filters supports the following HAP flavors:
- HAP (Hap1)
- HAP Alpha
- HAP Q Alpha

Supported containers are (at least) AVI, MOV and MKV (matroska).


This HAP-enhanced version of the LAV filters requires a 64-bit Windows OS.
I so far tested it successfully in Win 7, Win 8.1 and Win 10.


Download and unpack the zip file, keeping the original folder structure.

a) Testing

For testing without installing the filters, just run batch script
"test_hap_directshow_local.bat". This should play the included sample video
"" in fullscreen mode (hit "q" or ESC to quit the player).

b) Installation

To "install" the filters - to make them available to any DirectShow-64bit based
player in your system, like e.g. WMP or MPC-HC/MPC-BE - copy the folder "lav" to
some permanent location, like e.g. your user folder, and then run - as admin,
i.e. by selecting "Run as administrator" from Explorer's context menu - the
script "__register_run_as_admin.bat" in this folder.

You can "uninstall" (unregister) the filters anytime by running
"__unregister_run_as_admin.bat" (as admin).

After installation, e.g. MPC-HC (x64) should also play the sample video fine.
But you can also use batch script "test_hap_directshow_installed.bat" in the
original folder to check if the filters are installed correctly. Again, hit "q"
or ESC to quit the player.

To configure any of the 3 LAV filters (LAV Audio, LAV Splitter, LAV Video), run
batch scripts "_LAVAudioConfig.bat", "_LAVSplitterConfig.bat" or
"_LAVVideoConfig.bat" in the folder to which you "installed" the filters.